Risen Attends the 2019 Energy Sixianghui (Summit Forum)

In order to focus on the development, transformation and upgrading of the new energy industry and gather high-quality resources for collaborative innovation and cooperation, the 2019 Energy Sixianghui (Summit Forum) was held in xi 'an on August 18, 2019. At that time, the leading A-share photovoltaic enterprise Risen attended the meeting, and discussed the future development of the enterprise with industry participants. Risen also focused on sharing its global layout strategies. In the last few years, the development of Risen overseas market has made progress. So far, the company has developed and delivered thousands of projects all over the world, including in Indonesia, India, Nepal, kazakhstan, belarus, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Cambodia and other countries and regions. The company will also continue to focus on developing the PV market in countries and regions and also locally along our country. At the same time, Risen relies on the "national photovoltaic laboratory" to strengthen the research and development of technology, production of high-efficiency cells and components, and is committed to meet the growing needs of the domestic and overseas market.
General Manager of the Energy storage department,Chengfeng Qiu said: "Currently, Risen is one of the big players in the PV industry. Risen is focused on advancing the strategy of "Two New ", that is “new energy, new materials” In the future, ESS and PV will be an integrated solution towards energy harnessing. Risen is committed to creating the world's leading professional energy solution provider.