SYL Battery Wins the DESS "Most Innovative Enterprise Award"

In recent years, China's industrial and commercial electricity prices have dropped and new energy subsidies have continuously been reduced.. In the spot market, the complementation of photovoltaic and storage, market trading, security operation and maintenance, and mode innovation have become new directions and new explorations in the industry. The 2019 DESS Summit  was held in Suzhou on September 27, 2019.
SYL (Ningbo) Battery Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Risen, won the "most innovative enterprise" award of 2019 in the Distribution and Energy Storage Innovation and Creation Selection at the Summit. Representatives from the company attended the event and discussed  new power energy of photovoltaic and storage industry with industry experts and leaders.
"SYL has invested in the research of lithium batteries for more than 10 years by means of  DKS technology in Japan. It is the first domestic company to invest in R&D and production of lithium energy storage batteries. The company's products including batteries to PACK, RACK and to containers is designed by a professional team. After receiving the TUV certification (IEC62619), our batteries received the JET certification from Japan. At present, we have completed numerous projects, including the 1MW/4MWh user side energy storage project in Jiangsu, south grid side the 500kW/1MWh energy storage project in South Grid side, the Jintan base PV energy storage project and the Shepantu PV energy storage project., Our  residential energy storage systems have also been sold in Australia, Europe and other developed countries. This award is an award we are proud to receive.” said by Yufeng Qin, the vice-general manager of SYL Battery (Ningbo).
Mr Yufeng Qin continued,"The energy storage projects future in China is limitless, in terms of energy storage business models, investment + operation. The commercial pattern is similar to the contract energy management (EPC) model, The business model will form a distribution mechanism from client, third party energy storage enterprises such as investors, to financial institutions, such as the energy storage industry”.