SYL Wins 116MWh Order in Europe

Following the accumulated orders surpassing 400MWh in the European market in the first quarter, SYL Energy Storage has recently signed a new 116MWh project in the European market. According to the relevant agreement, SYL will provide the European region with integrated battery energy storage systems to help the European energy transition and create a sustainable new energy industry ecosystem.

The project uses containers with a maximum single capacity of up to 5483kWh, based on the SYL 1500V energy storage system solution, with an integrated container design, integrating energy storage battery clusters, battery control cabinets, DC cabinets and other equipment, with independent self-powered systems, temperature control systems, doorway lighting systems, safety escape systems, emergency systems, fire-fighting systems and other automatic control and security systems. Europe is one of the important strategic markets for SYL. The successful signing of this project establishes a good brand image for the company in the region and achieves a long-term strategic partnership with customers and partners. This cooperation illustrates the competitiveness of SYL in the European market, achieving a win-win collaboration in terms of social, economic and environmental values, and accelerating the construction of a zero-carbon future. SYL has been forging ahead in its relentless exploration and has expanded its scope of delivery from domestic to overseas. The signing of this European project is an important milestone for the company's layout and expansion in the European market. Nowadays, low-carbon has become the main theme of national and social development, SYL will continue to cultivate energy storage, actively respond to the global call for carbon neutrality, focus on product development and innovation, and strive to become the world's leading "Energy Storage+" intelligent energy system supplier, to contribute to achieve the world's zero carbon goal.