SYL won 245MWh Order in North America

Recently, SYL has successfully signed a 245MWh project contract with a customer in North America. According to the relevant agreement, SYL will provide cabinet-type battery energy storage system, and both parties will add a strong "green" power to the diversification of global energy structure and sustainable development. Prior to this project, SYL has delivered over 300MWh of BESS systems to customers in North America.

The project consists of a cabinet energy storage system, which is a flexible deployment type cabinet energy storage system solution with high safety, large capacity and intelligent control, which can achieve resource reallocation of electricity and peak shaving, enhance the utilization of renewable energy, stabilize the power grid, etc., and help alleviating the global energy crisis.
The successful signing of this project will further deepen the strategic partnership between SYL and the customer in the field of new energy, laying a solid foundation for a more comprehensive, in-depth and large-scale cooperation between the two sides and bringing a benchmark effect for the development of a larger market in the future.
In the unremitting exploration, SYL’s scope of delivery has been expanded from China to overseas. The signing of the North American project is an important milestone in the expansion of the overseas market.
Nowadays, low-carbon has become the main theme of national and social development, SYL will continue to cultivate energy storage, actively respond to the global call for carbon neutrality, focus on product development and innovation, and strive to become the world's leading "Energy Storage+" intelligent energy system supplier, and help adding bricks to achieve the world's zero carbon goal.