SYL brings the Latest High-Voltage Energy Storage Products to the 2020 US SPI Online Exhibition

1500V Energy Storage High Voltage System
In this online exhibition, SYL Battery exhibited the 280Ah high-energy-density, low-cost, and high-efficiency DC 1500V high-voltage system that first passed UL9540A. Each battery cluster of this product can connect more cells in series to ensure that the number of battery clusters with the same capacity is greatly reduced, so that the DC cables, protection fuses and other devices from the battery to the combiner cabinet or inverter are greatly reduced. The increase of DC voltage drives the increase of AC voltage, the AC and DC line loss and transformer loss are reduced, the inverter efficiency is higher, and the system efficiency of energy storage power station is expected to increase by 5-10%. The system has the advantages of high energy density, high system efficiency, and low cost. Overseas customers have highly recognized this. Currently, it has been shipped in Europe and North America, and subsequent orders are being signed.