SYL “4.5kWh Battery” Awarded IEC 62619:2017 CB Certification

The 13th (2019) International Solar PV and Smart Energy (Shanghai) exhibition took place in Shanghai on June 4. During the exhibition, DEKRA presented the DEKRA award for energy storage battery IEC 62619:2017 CB certificate to SYL (Ningbo) Battery Co.,LTD. The obtainment of this certificate indicates that the safety performance of this series of SYL Li-ion batteries is in line with the requirements of the international mainstream products. What this also means is that when SYL’s  products enter the European market, it will lead to the improvement of international market competitiveness. Xia Wei, general manager of DEKRA Shanghai electrical and electronic laboratory, Bai Cchengli, director of DEKRA solar energy service, Mr. Zhang Shiming, Assistant  General Manager of SYL attended the awards ceremony.
At the certification ceremony, Zhang Shiming, Assistant General Manager of SYL said, ‘SYL focuses on ESS integration and residential ESS, and has completed several ESS integration projects in Shaanxi, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and Australia, and residential products are sold in Australia, Europe and other developed countries. At present, the company,  has established the specialized research and development team, participates in continually improve and developing high efficiency systems and aims to remain competitive worldwide and also aims in. o becoming the world leading "energy storage +" smart energy system integrator. This obtainment of certification is critical for us to develop and promote our overseas energy storage business.
About SYL 
SYL is an "energy storage +" smart energy company which specialized in Li-ion battery, PACK/RACK and system integration. Now we have a senior battery technology R&D team and integrated system R&D team. There are more than 100 technical R&D personnel, and the annual production capacity of the base exceeds 1GWh. With the advantages of energy storage battery technology, the company carries out the design, planning, implementation, operation and maintenance of energy storage, micro grid, smart distribution network and other new energy power stations. The company has engineering design qualification and also three levels of qualification for electric power project construction contracts. The company actively develops energy storage business and has diverse project experience, mainly for waste energy and waste energy consumption projects, integration of PV ESS,PV ESS and Charge, peak load shifting and load frequency control projects.
At present, we have completed a 1MW/4MWh user side energy storage project  in Jiangsu, a 5MW/10MWh PV energy storage project  in Shaanxi, a 500kW/1MWh energy storage project in the south power grid, an PV energy storage project in Jintan base, an PV energy storage project in Shepantu, a 30MWh large-scale PV energy storage integrated  project in Australia, and the sales of residential energy storage in Australia, Europe and other developed countries.
In the future, according to the smart energy planning, the company will be committed to building a highly influential global leading "energy storage +" smart energy system integrator.