Risen Energy:Construction of Large ESS Project of China Southern Power Grid Has Been Completed

On September 29, 2018, the 500kW / 913.92kwh Large-scale ESS project of Risen in China southern power grid was completed.
The project, located in Guangzhou, is for the design and installation of a 500kW/ 913.92kwh container ESS, by the professional ESS project team of Risen. The whole battery system and electrical system are built in one. Inside the container, the battery compartment in the container for relatively static work and the relatively dynamic working electrical compartment are designed to be isolated and independent, and the whole system is connected to the grid.
In this project, the ESS is mainly used for Peak load shifting. When the electricity price of the power grid peaks, the ESS will automatically discharge and feed power back to the grid, alternatively, when the prices is low, the ESS charges the batteries. Hence,revenue can begeneratedthroughfluctuations of electricity prices. The operation benefit based on the difference between peak and valley electricity prices can be realized. The operation of the whole ESS is monitored by the cloud platform 24 hours a day. Through real-time data monitoring and analysis, the safe, stable and efficient operation of the whole ESS is guaranteed. The client has shown a high degree of approval for the construction of the project.The operation of the ESS is monitored by online cloud platform 24 hours a day. Through real-time data monitoring and analysis, it ensures the system is operating at an optimum level, providing the clients with full confidence in the system.
Risen’s ESS business departmentis, under the jurisdiction of SYL (Tianjin) New Energy co., LTD., SYL (Ningbo) battery co., LTD. With the advantages of ESS battery technology, the company carries out the design, planning, implementation, operation and maintenance of ESS, micro grid, smart distribution network and other new energy power stations. In the future, according to the energy Internet planning, the company will build a cloud platform for power dispatching transaction management, and aspire to build a highly influential global smart energy platform operator and service provider.