Risen Energy Storage Made a High-Profile Debut at the All Energy Conference in Australia in 2018

On October 3-4, 2018, On October 3-4, 2018, Risen launched the residential ESS and large-scale ESS solutions at All Energy Conference in Australia in 2018.
"The arrival of Risen Energy Storage products at  All Energy Conference in Australia in 2018 marks our drumbeat to enter the international market." said Lin, chairman of Risen. In recent years, the global energy storage market has been booming, especially with  Australia's growing energy demand driving the increase in energy costs. Government policies have been encouraged to support the development of new energy. Energy storage industry, as Risen’s “Two New "strategic approach, and we are committed to providing  high quality products for the global market integration of energy storage system solutions."
"This exhibition focuses on the introduction of Risen’s residential ESS products, which adopt advanced Japanese ternary soft-pack battery technology, carry out modular design of ESS, up to 20 KWH of electricity, and the installation and use of products will more convenient. Mr. Chengfeng Qiu, General Manager of Risen’s ESS department, said, "Risen’s ESS industry focuses on the development of residential ESS and container ESS, and the system technology products are widely used in centralized renewable energy grid, power grid side, user side and auxiliary services. At present, it has been used in China southern power grid project."
Risen’s ESS department is under the jurisdiction of SYL (Tianjin) New Energy Co., LTD., SYL (Ningbo) Battery Co., LTD. With the advantages of energy storage battery technology, the company carries out the design, planning, implementation, operation and maintenance of energy storage, micro grid, smart distribution grid and other new energy power stations. In the future, according to  energy Internet planning, the company will build a cloud platform for power dispatching transaction management, and aspire to build a highly influential global smart energy platform operator and service provider.